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These passage turnstiles are reliably secure and protect the entry and exit in property or any highly sensitive areas. They allow authorized personnel to enter into and exit from these areas without the necessity for security personnel. All turnstiles are easily operated and do not require much physical effort: as opposed to manually operated turnstiles where the operation is controlled by a spring, the power-operated turnstiles just require light pressure on the arms to turn through the slewing arc. This allows personnel to pass through the turnstile without hindrance and a high efficiency rate is achieved. For a greater number of users several or multiple turnstiles are recommended. These turnstiles can be interfaced with any Access control System for automatic operation and safety assurance.

Features And Benefits

  • Provide reliable, quick and safe entry to authorized employees and visitors.
  • Rugged construction ensures trouble free performance and durability.
  • Manufactured to European standard.
  • Long term Corrosion protection.