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Housing Intercom System - TS128

Product Name: TS128

Model : Telesecure 128 Lines

TELESOFT is well-known in the market to offer wide range of EPABX EPAX System for our esteemed clientele. Telesoft system flexible flat numbering adjusts with any type of flat numbering scheme3/4/5 digits. Specially for societies that have flats up to 128 lines. This model is available in configuration of 64, 80, 96, 112 & 128 lines using external power supply Model PS128.

- This system has heart wining features like President Message broadcasting, vendor’s call,
Flat-to-Flat/security communication, watchmen-display-color,watchmen's watch-dog,Talking CLI, Display CLI .
Technical Specification
- Telesecure is based on Space division Matrix switching Technology using latest Microcontroller 51RD2 family.

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