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Fire Alarm System - Semi Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Product Name: Semi Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Key Features

- Networkable / Stand-alone Panel
- 4/8 Class B conventional Initiating Device Circuit (IDC)
- All zones accept smoke detectors and any normally open contact device.


- Any Zone can be configured as Alarm or Supervisory Zone
- Class B Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC)
- Standby (battery) backup 24V DC power supply with built in charges
- All filed wiring circuits are supervised
- AC Low voltage cutoff
- Event history with RTC
- Error free Fire/ Faults status in umambiguous coloured LED indication
- Main, Standby status audible and visual tone
- Battery Low visual warning with audible tone
- Zone Isolation Facility
- Advanced features for the System Sensor serried 300 detector
- 32 Detectors per Zone
- Individual Detector address with location
- Detector maintenance Low/High alert


Zones 4/8
Power Supply AC Input Supply 220 V, AC, 50 Htz/ 24V DC
Operating Conditions 15 C to 25 C , 93+ 2% RH Max
Operating Voltage 24 V DC
Normal Loop Voltage 22.2 DC
Open Threshold Current 4.2 mA
Short Circuit Threshold Current 40 mA Max
Stand by Thresold Current (EOL Current + Detector’s Current) 6 mA ( 2mA for Detectors)
Alarm Current 15-30 mA
Quiescent Current 70 Ma
Colour of the Panel White/Red
Common Hooter Output 24 V @ 0.5A
Outputs Fire, fault relay contacts (30V AC/ DC @ 2A contact)