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Telecommunication - Housing Intercom System


It’s an Intercom System for Building and Housing Society. This system helps to stop entry of unwanted visitors like petty thieves, burglars, armed criminals, sales-persons, vendors inside the building. It provide intercom facility between residents of a building and the security watchmen at the entrance gate mainly with the purpose of confirming whether the visitors should be allowed entry or not. Security men at the gate, in consultation with the residents, can screen out lot of unwanted visitors, including burglars/dacoits and door-to door sales persons.

Features And Benefits

  • Digital Voice Recording
  • Voice Mail with grouping
  • Blank call tracing, Six senses System
  • Flexible Numbering Plan
  • Gas Leakage, Wire Tempering Alert
  • Project Progress Meeting Organiser
  • Vendor’s Call with Registration System
  • Double check for Doubtful Visitors
  • Flat Lock, Morning Greeting Message
  • Emergency Rings to all Flats by Guard
  • Pre-recorded / Multi-lingual Vendor’s Call
  • No Waiting for Beloved Guests
  • Single Digital Access to Security/lift/office
  • Wing-wise Door Lock Open
  • Chairman Message Broadcasting
  • 3 Color Digital Display Unit