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Gate Automation - Flap Barriers

Flap barriers, installed in conjunction with any access control system, provides valuable assistance to security personnel at any monitored entrance. This Flap barrier is available as a single- or multiple-lane setup and is compatible with most access control systems, such as magnetic, biometric and proximity readers

Features And Benefits

  • Rapid identification technique are available to identify accurately and Efficiently the magnetic card, barcode card etc
  • Personalization for all type of ticket readers or contact less antenna.
  • With direction indication, guiding passenger to entry and exit.
  • Real time failure self-detect and alarm indication, ensuring system safe operation and facilitating maintenance and operation.
  • High flow rates of people depending of reader validation reaction speed.
  • Passage width: 20" to 24" for TGF with single flap panels and 32" to 36" for TGF with telescopic flap panel.
  • A dissuasive access control in one or both directions.


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