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Security Systems - Access Control System

Access control security systems are designed to restrict physical entry to only users with authorization. Many organizations, governmental and private, have started adopting access control security systems for physical entry into their facilities. Whether it is a simple non intelligent access control system like a punching in a password, or advanced biometric systems that scan and permit entry very specifically, there are many advantages to employing these security systems.

Features And Benefits

  • Reduced Requirement for Manpower
  • Allows Access and Restriction to Multiple Entries and Exits
  • Internal Levels of Restriction and Access
  • Time Based Control for Security Systems
  • Keeping Check of Punch-in and Punch-out Time
  • Block a User from Entering a Controlled Zone
  • Configure and Manage System Locally or Remotely
  • Define Access Rules on the basis of Time, Zone and User
  • Allow VIP Users to Enter any Controlled Zone
  • Ensures a security personnel does the rounds even during non-working hours.
  • Generate an Alarm on Detection of Tampering/Trespassing
  • Manage 10,000 Doors and 1 Million Users & many more…


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