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Voice Logger - Screen Capture

Product Name: Screen Capture


Screen Capture

Monitoring agent efficiency levels to elevate the service standards will play a vital role for many service oriented businesses.

In this process, recording only voice conversation may not be enough. Administrator should know how efficiently agent is working on application and takes appropriate actions.

Screen Capture is the powerful video recording application that helps you record complete agent activities on screen while attending live call.

Key Features
  • Captures video of screen activity for time duration when associated phone extension is busy on call.
  • Screen recording starts automatically when agent answers the call and continues till the call is over.
  • This Video file is stored and made available to administrator for monitoring agent efficiency.
  • Along with PAudium Audio and Video recording files for every call can be played simultaneously
  • Application sends intimation to administrator in case anyone try to stop recording forcefully.
  • Offers user interface with list of controls to access the recorded conversations.
  • The built-in Query Engine offers flexibility to construct almost any possible query on conversation database.
  • On-demand copying your choice of recordings on a different folder on the same hard disk or any other hard disk on some or other computer in the same intranet.
  • No limit on data storage as its stored on computer hard disk


Avoid Misuse :
The Monitoring of screen activity controls the misuse thus leads to controlling communication expenses.
Easy to use :
Recording starts automatically when call is answered hence no manual intervention is require.
Secure access for administrator with User Interface.
Productive :
Video recording of agent activity offers clear picture of Agents efficiency.
Administrator can identify weak areas and arrange for training activities.
It helps to avoid misuse of resources and time.
Analysis & Reporting :
Agent-wise, User-wise, video recordings are made available.
Associative Audio files can be made available.